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Momentum offers a range of output solutions which in combination can address most reporting and forms requirements; whether simple or advanced; for a department or a whole organization in a small or large corporation.

As our products have evolved and the range expanded, we have increasingly recognized that direct involvement in problem solving or implementation issues can be enormously beneficial to our customers, saving them both time and money. Quite often we don’t even need to be on site - many tasks can be accomplished remotely, cutting costs and speeding up the delivery of results.


Why use Momentum?

  • Take advantage of our expertise in using our own products – who better to recommend best practice and usage than the developer!

  • Exploit our proven ability to solve reporting issues – it could make the difference in meeting that deadline

  • Backup and complement your own ‘in-house’ IT and/or business expertise – we can ‘do it all’ or ‘work with you’

  • Some aspects of report and forms development can be accomplished remotely – take advantage of reduced cost and lead times

  • Often there’s more than one approach to addressing a reporting or form output requirement – take advantage of the fact that we may well have done it before!

Implementation advice New reporting
Query Replacement Audit for existing users
  Form design with JacanaForms  
Email / Web report distribution

Education - a range of training courses are available, in addition training can be tailored to suit your requirements from starter to advanced, IS or business user, refresher or upgrade even combined with mentoring on a specific reporting project. more...

  • Implementation advice – planning and set-up of data subsets; software upgrades; installing reporting and forms systems; technical, security and configuration issues including use of email and web facilities for output distribution

  • New Reporting – tuning the traditional development cycle of specification data analysis report production user review to optimize use of the productivity, prototyping and ongoing maintenance advantages offered by Momentum's report writing system. more...

  • Query replacement – maybe you have already used our Query/400 Audit service and identified the core of Query/400 queries that should be replaced by more resource efficient reports. Let Momentum undertake the analysis of what is needed to replace those queries and undertake the work for you.

  • Audit for existing users – review of existing product implementation to recommend improvements in product usage, performance or use of features

  • Form design with JacanaForms – tailored to suit your organizations needs we offer an on site "quick start" program, usually 3-5 days, that oversees the installation of JacanaForms and the creation of some key forms of your choice. In addition, Momentum's ad hoc service, undertaken off-site, for adding new forms or refining existing ones is popular with customers who do not want to maintain form design expertise in house. more...

  • Email / Web report distribution - facilities exist within our range of products that provide interfaces to delivery systems such as email and fax together with features for creating output in HTML, XML and PDF suitable for web or archiving. Help is available from Momentum to recommend how these capabilities can be integrated with a specific delivery project involving email, fax, archiving or web implementation.

We can help you. Email us today to discuss your requirements. (Home)Top of page Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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