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Reporting has never been the most glamorous task and often gets pushed to one side. 

Reporting backlogs grow; users are left waiting and dissatisfied; and the short term expedient, using Query/400 is employed. Is this a familiar scenario? If so, it doesn't have to be like that. 

Specialist help is available to work with you to solve reporting challenges and/or take-on the tedious reporting chore. Momentum can undertake the whole range of reporting assignments --- creating extracts to feed PC applications or OLAP tools; tackling complex reporting requirements; producing output for web distribution; assisting with the creation of data subsets; reviewing the design of existing reports; replacing Queries with reports and much more. 

We will typically require: 

  • An understanding of your objectives and report requirements
  • Information about the application database --- structure and field usage
  • Specifications of the report output or access to users to assist with report definitions

Our approach: evaluate your requirements, recommend and quote.

How can your organization benefit?  Contact us  with your requirements, we can then recommend the best approach for your organization. (Home)Top of page Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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