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Significant advantages can be gained from education:

Understand the technology – purchased to solve a single problem,  many products end up not being fully utilized. Increase awareness of the breadth and depth of functionality available in Momentum products.

Deploy applications faster – often users struggle to use new software technology effectively. Give your users the confidence to use Momentum products. 

Extend the reference materials available – course materials and education notes can supplement the comprehensive user guides and   Help available in Momentum products.

Education in our products is available through:

  • Standard Public Education courses providing product familiarization for users and IT staff.
  • Customized Education tailored to suit your specific requirements, perhaps combining user education with problem solving … probably provided in an on site workshop format … practising and working with your applications.

Effective education shortens learning curves, increases productivity and leverages your investment.

How can your organization benefit from education?  Contact us  with your requirements, we can then recommend the best approach for your organization. (Home)Top of page Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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