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2nd January, 2007

Significant new release of inTuator now available to customers

inTuator Release 2, together with new JuMP training materials, ready for installation. Find out more about the latest features visit inTuator What’s New page.


1st December, 2004

Cforia Software forms alliance with Momentum Utilities

Cforia Software plans to integrate inTuator with their flagship cash management system MC2


11th February, 2004

Introducing inTuator Portable Mode

inTuator tackles the information needs of the corporate 'Road Warrior'


27th February, 2003

Momentum rolls out its dedicated web site for inTuator

A fresh, innovative, vibrant and affordable approach to solving the technical challenges of delivering information analysis capabilities to iSeries users. MAPICS-ready as a plug’n play solution today inTuator can be easily extended for use with other applications. 

For more information contact or visit 


17th December, 2002

Release 8.0 PR

Jacana eNews - Issue 4 December 2002
Christmas Issue.  With links to earlier editions.


25th June, 2002

Technical FAQs

Support - Technical FAQs

Technical FAQs are available in the Support area of the website. This area will continue to expand over coming months.


25th April, 2002

Visit the JuMPZone

New JuMPZone initiative lands!

This is a new area of the web site providing audio visual presentation with tips on various features and functions in our products, training sessions and access to other useful information. JuMPs (Jacana Multimedia Presentations) can be streamed from our web site or downloaded to the desktop. The objective of the JuMPZone is to improve user proficiency, productivity and knowledge in our products. There’s no charge, just register at


31st March, 2002

Visit our WebEx site

Momentum leverages latest WebEx technology for demonstration, support and service delivery

Momentum is using WebEx conferencing facilities extensively to deliver demonstration, support, services and training. Our one-on-one sessions are proving popular with customers because they are productive and cost effective. Interested in how this could benefit your company? Ask us Click here.


28th January, 2002

Lansa Reporter

LANSA to market Momentum report writer.

LANSA Reporter provides information retrieval for iSeries Customers. Click here for the Press Release.


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