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Frequently Asked Questions OPEN/DB
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1. What is a Subset?

2. What is a Data Group?

3. What is Extra Logic?

4. When defining one-to-many relationships in my retrieval map, just how many is many?

5. What happens when the report finds more records than the Subset expects?

6. What is the significance of Subset groups with regard to performance?

7. What is "node" logic and does it affect performance?

8. In my Subset, I need one field from a file which has 30 fields. If I link this file to my Subset, there will be 29 fields there that I don't want. What should I do?

9. How do I remove a field from the data dictionary?

10. Can I delete unwanted database fields from the dictionary?

11. Where two similar fields exist in the Subset, does the choice of which field to use have any effect on performance?

12. What aspects of the definition of one-to-one relationships in a Subset have an effect on performance?

13. In what order should I define my files on the retrieval map?

14. When deciding what the based-on file should be, normally a non-keyed physical file is specified. We have had the situation where a customer has decided to use a keyed logical file instead, are there any performance implications with this?

15. How many Subsets do I need?

16. Why can I only have 50 unique files in my Subset?

17. How do I change the index key structures in my Subset?

18. How do I access the last record of a group of related records on the target file?

19. When adding a file to a Subset, one of the key fields on the source file was eight bytes long, but its equivalent element on the target file was ten bytes long. OPEN/DB did not seem to check this, but the link seems to work ok. Why is this?

20. A twelve character database field actually comprises three sub-fields. The first four characters are a "Cost Center" code, the next two are an "Activity" code and the last six are nominal. Can sorting be done on the "Activity" sub-field only?

21. When and how does OPEN/DB use the OPNQRYF command?

22. Can you schedule a report to be run at certain times?

23.  What should I be aware of when upgrading the iSeries to V6R1? (Home)Top of page footspace.gif (46 bytes) Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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