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Desktop Reporting in Brief Valet
Valet operates specifically with OPEN/DB, providing users with options for organizing and running their OPEN/DB reports from a Windows environment.


Why Valet?
Many business users expect everything to run within their familiar Windows desktop environment … they dislike having to work with the 5250 emulation screens to run the reports they need. Valet offers the solution.


Streamline OPEN/DB Reporting Activity on the User's PC Desktop with Valet
Reports can be requested individually, multiple reports can be combined and run at the same time or report selection can be defined as a Valet icon. What could be simpler than clicking on an icon? In fact Valet offers exceptional flexibility to the user in the set-up of their desktop ‘report running’ environment.


Client/Server and Security
Valet is a PC application (the ‘client’) which complements OPEN/DB (the ‘server’). All the information about a report is held in the OPEN/DB database on the iSeries. Valet will not allow the report definition itself to be modified, but it will allow the user to run the report and change output queues, job queues, job description and processing modes (batch, interactive, night, data queue), subject to authority.


Benefits of Valet
Valet’s reporting environment can be set-up and modified off-line
  • automate report requests
  • simplify access to frequently used reports
  • initiate report running on the iSeries
  • change report select / omit rules and other report run details
  • organise shortcuts by setting up report runs as icons
  • launch other PC applications using output of interactively run reports started from Valet
  • display output of interactively run reports


Valet Runsets
Valet Runsets are the mechanism for setting up ‘report runs’ for one or more reports. Valet Runsets can be created in seconds and avoid the need to select reports from a list each time they are required. Runsets also have their own properties enabling you to:
  • Enter notes about the runset
  • Modify how the runset appears on your desktop
  • Assign an icon to the runset
  • Add the runset to the Windows operating system desktop
  • View some basic information about the runset ... when it was created and last updated
  • Add PC operating system commands to run before and / or after the runset is run ... for example, to initiate another PC program or application.


Set your own Desktop Preferences
Valet enables characteristics of the Valet desktop to be tailored to suit each user ... how files are stored and retrieved on your PC; whether the desktop is loaded automatically on entry to Valet and saved on exit; how Valet communicates with the iSeries etc. Icons can even be placed on the Windows OS desktop rather than on Valet’s desktop ... in a program group (Windows 3.1x) or as a Program menu item (Windows 95).

Since OPEN/DB can deliver data seamlessly to PC applications, by clicking on a Valet icon, a suitably defined report can be run to extract and download iSeries data directly into a PC spreadsheet. Once the report has been run, simply "switch to" the application and the data will be there.

Valet Organizer
As the number of report run icons increases it can be helpful to group similar or related report runs. Valet’s ShortCut Organizer enables icons to be categorised and held in separately identified groups within a row of user defined tabs.

Valet Organizer is the perfect solution for frequently run reports or, where a number of reports are run periodically - set up a category for "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", etc. or for different Products.


Report Information is Readily Accessible from Valet
For each report, subject to authority, you can:
  • Specify the run-time select/omit criteria
  • Modify the iSeries server run environment ... output queue, job queue/description and processing mode (e.g. batch, interactive etc.)
  • View statistics and information about the report ... average run time, how often it has been run and when last used, data source on which the report is based etc.

Users learn to use Valet in minutes … it’s that easy!


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