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Meeting your Reporting Requirements OPEN/DB
Reporting and other output requirements which can be addressed are varied and include:
  • Creating complex, customised documents — invoices, quotations, acknowledgements, purchase orders
  • Producing spreadsheet-like or matrix style reports directly from the iSeries-400 — PCs are not designed to cope with massive amounts of data, so summarise the data on the iSeries-400
  • Customising reports for specific users or customers — modifying report definitions is so simple that it is feasible to vary report formats according to user or customer preference
  • Merging data from different applications — create reports from data maintained by any application on the iSeries-400
  • Preparing performance comparisons — compare branch profitability or plant inventory
  • Focusing on exceptions — variances, high value customers, low turnover inventory items, significant variances between list and sales prices
  • Sharpening internal audit controls — monitor changes to customers, vendors, stock levels
  • Creating PC download files — for use with PC spreadsheet, graphics and OLAP packages
  • Creating iSeries-400 files for additional processing.
  • Producing HTML, XML or PDF outputs for delivery via web, intranet or e-mail.


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