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Reporting in Brief

Users today are continually challenged to be able to access needed business data, and to properly and efficiently present that information in meaningful and diverse formats. With its unique Information Interface approach OPEN/DB, Jacana, Valet offers the most time and cost-effective means of raising the standard of information retrieval services available. 

OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet strengthen the analytical and reporting capabilities of any iSeries-400 application. Together they simplify the task of report production, tackling the difficulties encountered in accessing, retrieving, processing and transforming raw data from iSeries-400 databases into information.

OPEN/DB offers clear-cut benefits for the business:

  • User and IS tool - for simple and advanced reporting
  • Produces new reporting fast - enabling business reporting outputs to adapt to change
  • Addresses different requirements - detailed, summary, matrix reporting - printed, PC applications file, iSeries-400 file, HTML outputs
  • ROI - Report development costs and ongoing maintenance are slashed no programming or SQL skills needed
  • Reporting backlogs melt away - product or transaction listings, to executive decision making overviews to marketing, finance and regulatory reporting
  • No MIS / IS imposed constraints on deadlines and staff availability
  • Addresses different output requirements - from detailed, summary, matrix reporting to printed, PC applications file, iSeries-400 file and HTML - XML - PDF

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