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The OPEN/DB Reporting Solution OPEN/DB
The OPEN/DB Reporting solution consists of the three integrated components OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet. Operating in a client-server combination they take full advantage of both the PC and iSeries-400 environments. Jacana and Valet reside on the PC client, handling the design and running of reports.

The OPEN/DB Reporting Solution


OPEN/DB, on the iSeries-400 server, handles important issues of data access, security, performance and resource management.

Jacana provides:

  • on-line or off-line end user report development and maintenance, minimising iSeries-400 resource requirements
  • advanced WYSIWYG report design and data manipulation capabilities -- without the need for technical or programming skills
  • use of a familiar Windows environment -- with Windows 95/98/NT compatibility
  • access to OPEN/DB’s Information Interface

Valet provides:

  • running of reports
  • creation of icons for fast identification and click-on activation of report production of a single or a suite of reports ... ideal for periodic reporting


OPEN/DB's Unique Information Interface
OPEN/DB’s unique and powerful Information Interface is taught, stores and applies the rules inherent in your database and business application, protecting users from database and technical intricacies.

The Information Interface combines in one place, the analyst’s knowledge of the business rules with any IS needs concerning security and resource availability. This combination enables users to work with only field descriptions (that may have been modified to be more meaningful), to construct the most advanced reports without expert knowledge of database structure, files, keys or field names.

The Information Interface can include derived fields, which may be introduced to ensure consistency of calculations across reports or, to represent complex expressions involving one or many files, saving users from this potentially challenging task during report definition.

The key to true end-user report writing is Jacana’s ability to take full advantage of the Information Interface. From only a simple list of data to which they are authorised, using easy and familiar ‘point and click’ techniques, Jacana lets users specify all report design criteria, including data selection, sequencing, summarising, calculation, manipulation, work field creation, layout etc.. When satisfied, the definition is saved to the iSeries-400 server for compilation and execution.

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