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Report Design in Brief Jacana
The powerful client-server combination of Jacana and OPEN/DB delivers a report development solution which has the best of both the PC and iSeries worlds - with Jacana focusing on report design and OPEN/DB handling the important issues of data security, performance and resource management.

All field selection, sequencing, calculations, summarization, workfield creation, layout ... in fact all report design criteria can now be done off line in Jacana and the final report definition submitted to OPEN/DB on the iSeries for compilation and execution.

Step-by-step Report Creation with ReportWizard
Use Jacana’s ReportWizard to create the report layout. ReportWizard displays a series of dialog boxes leading you through the steps needed to create a report definition. Using answers to questions about the information you want in the report - the fields, the sorting, the totaling and other requirements - ReportWizard automatically creates a report definition and image for approval. You can fine tune reports designed by ReportWizard as required.

Take Advantage of Jacana's Productivity Features
Speeding up report design, Jacana’s DataCrafter, ReportWizard, LayoutWizard, Report Specifications builder and intelligent use of the right mouse button provide unique automated services which enhance ease of use and productivity. Jacana’s intuitive prompting, especially when creating conditions and calculations, plus smart totalling assist users in the more advanced aspects of report design.

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With Jacana iSeries report development is easier than ever...
End User Reporting Made Simple!


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