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1. The Momentum reporting system consists of OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet. How do these different components fit together?

The Momentum reporting system comprises three integrated components OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet. Operating in a client-server combination they take full advantage of both the PC and iSeries environments. Jacana and Valet reside on the PC client handling the design and running of reports. OPEN/DB on the iSeries server handles the important issues of data access, performance and resource management.

Perhaps the most important part of the solution is the Information Interface in OPEN/DB which stores the content, structure and inter-relationships of the database files. Field descriptions can be modified to make fields more meaningful to users and derived fields can be introduced to ensure consistency of calculations saving users from having to build complex expressions during report definition.

With the Information Interface as a transparent helpmate, report design becomes simple, since the user is presented with a list of authorized fields. There is no longer any need to worry about the underlying complexities of the database structure, files, keys or field names.

With Jacana the user receives further help in the form of ReportWizards which offer a series of ‘question & answer’ screens to automate report definition and layout creation. Jacana’s WYSIWYG approach ensures the user can see the report layout as it evolves.

Valet simplifies desktop management for the running of the reports. Creation of icons for fast identification and click-on activation of report production of a single or suite of reports can be ideal for periodic or ‘ad hoc’ reporting.


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2. Who will use Momentum's OPEN/DB-Jacana-Valet reporting system?

Since OPEN/DB can be taught an application’s database design, report writing in Jacana can be easily handled by users; marketing executives, accountants, warehouse managers and others needing access to information, who otherwise would have difficulty navigating highly normalised iSeries databases and continue to rely on IS for report development.

This reporting system is therefore equally suited to IS professionals and business users.


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3. What impact is Momentum's OPEN/DB-Jacana-Valet reporting system likely to have on machine performance?

OPEN/DB produces compiled RPG programs to ensure efficient performance.

Reports only require compilation when they are first produced or when they are amended. The authority to compile or job queue for compilation can be controlled for each user by the OPEN/DB administrator.

Reports which allow variable selection criteria to be entered when the report is run do not require re-compilation each time they are used.

With Jacana, all report design can be accomplished off-line, thereby minimising the workload on the server. The reports can then be uploaded and compiled on the iSeries server whenever convenient.


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4. How much training is required to implement OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet successfully?

The Momentum reporting system is designed as an enterprise-wide report writer and therefore is capable of producing the range of reporting from the very simple to the incredibly sophisticated. This robustness may be perceived as complexity with the inherent risk that the product is seen as ‘too difficult’. We therefore take care to promote adequate training. IS training (2-3 days) is needed to understand the ‘best practice’ approach to establishing the Information Interface and implementing security, administration procedures and Valet. Report Designers’s confidence and productivity will benefit from a hands-on introduction to Jacana (1 day).

The product is supplied with a full set of manuals. While the product can be self-taught it is strongly recommended that an organisation invests in training to maximise productive use.


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5. What are the configuration prerequisites of OPEN/DB, Jacana and Valet?

OPEN/DB (server) on the iSeries

iSeries requirements:

  • RPG compiler for report program creation
  • V5R2M0 or later of OS/400
  • 210mb disk space for the product
  • Client Access for iSeries V5R2M0 or later (if not using TCP/IP)

Jacana and Valet on the PC

PC hardware requirements (minimum):

  • 486 processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 8 MB disk space for each product
  • 5 MB disk space for WIN32s (if not already installed)
  • additional disk space for saving report definitions locally
  • communication adaptor connecting the PC to the iSeries
    e.g. twinax, Ethernet or token ring.

PC software requirements (minimum):

  • 32bit Windows platform
    - Client Access for iSeries (if not using TCP/IP)



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6. What is a Jacana?

For the ornithologist, the Jacana logo is an interpretation of the Jacana (Irediparra gallinacea nouvaehollandiae), a bird of Australian wet tropical/sub tropical regions with exceptionally elongated toes and claws. These enable it to walk delicately over floating waterlilies and lotus pads, giving the appearance of walking on water. Also known as the Lotusbird, Lilytrotter or Christbird. (Home)Top of page Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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