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Lovejoy, Inc., which recently celebrated its 100th year in business, is an international leader in designing and manufacturing power transmission components. Lovejoy offers the most comprehensive selection of flexible couplings in the industry through more than a dozen product lines. In addition to couplings, Lovejoy is an important supplier of variable speed pulleys, tensioning devices, universal joints, motor bases, and sheaves.

Lovejoy acquired JacanaForms at a time when the IS department was also looking to implement other higher priority applications. The IS team, however, saw an opportunity to gain immediate benefits for their organization with very little effort - to solve some niggling operational issues associated with managing and storing pre-printed stationery, as well as tackling day to day hassles of constantly reloading pre-printed style paper in their existing printers. In addition, there were some potential cost savings to be realized! 

After reviewing other electronic form packages, Lovejoy chose JacanaForms, since it offered the added bonus of being a certified MAPICS application, and would therefore integrate well with their MAPICS XA ERP package, both now and in the future. The availability of pre-designed MAPICS templates meant that they could be up and running quickly and easily, using the HP laser printers attached to their LAN, and with no modifications to 'core' business application code. As Business Analyst, Arlene Merritt points out, "The overlay solutions worked best for us as they were very easy to implement. The only modifications needed were adding our own logo and address box and changing some wording in the column headings."

Lovejoy is currently using JacanaForms to produce quotations and invoices, printing approximately 250 invoices and 30 quotes per day. These two forms have been developed with variations in logos and addresses, depending on the company involved. As Arlene continues, "With JacanaForms, modifications are easy to make, and we don't have to worry about finishing the current inventory of pre-printed stationery before we can make a change. We are already saving $8,000 annually on pre-printed forms just by changing over our invoices and quotes. Eliminating the need to reload forms on the printer, which used to be necessary on average 3 times each day, has also been a great advantage, freeing up staff for more important tasks." Areas identified for future use of JacanaForms include purchase orders and AP checks. 

Lovejoy's 'no frills', pragmatic approach to implementing electronic forms and tackling known problem areas first, was rewarded with immediate productivity and cost benefits for their operations within a matter of days!

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