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The following samples show what's possible with OPEN/DB-Jacana-Valet and JacanaForms. 

In the first examples we have taken the report output created by OPEN/DB and very simply enhanced the presentation using JacanaForms to include color graphics, color exceptions, bar codes, messages and other formatting refinements. This approach can be taken to improve the look and usability of any internal or external report.  

JacanaForms is a powerful e-forms solution and some of its more advanced features are exemplified to show graphics, dynamic output and transformation capabilities. 

If you have your own specific requirements and want to know how we can handle them then we will be delighted to discuss our approach with you.


Report Samples OPEN/DB JacanaForms
Simple Listing:
This is very straightforward listing would take minutes to produce and further refinements can of course be added later.

Evolving Requirements:
As your decision making requirements evolve so too can your reporting.

Advanced Reporting:
Well presented, clearly and concisely summarized information is a breeze using Jacana.

Matrix Style Reporting:
Taking you to another level - a matrix formatted report may provide that extra clarity you need.

Downloading Data:
Produce disk output in the format for your favorite PC application applying whatever selection, sorting or calculations you require before downloading the resulting file to the PC.

Presenting Dates:
Standard macros enable complex calculations and/or formatting of data to be performed easily and consistently, this report shows some date macros in action.

JacanaForms - Electronic Forms Samples
Dynamic Forms:
Using dynamic forms the appearance of the form is changed based on the data it contains. In this example certain values and columns are highlighted based on the data present in the form.
Use of Graphics:
Graphics can be used to enhance the appearance and ease of use of forms. This form was created so that the customer could see at a glance which product related to which product code.
Replacing pre-printed stationery with JacanaForms you can either maintain the same "look & feel" as your existing forms using a simple overlay. 
Or using the sophisticated features of JacanaForms transform your documents using different fonts, rotated text, barcodes and much more. (Home)Top of page footspace.gif (46 bytes) Copyright Momentum Utilities Pty Ltd - August 2016
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