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Misys International Banking Systems (a member of the Misys Group), headquartered in Wimbledon, London is one of the world's leading software product companies specializing in the development, marketing and support of application software for wholesale banking, retail banking, investment banking, risk management and trading rooms. 

Midas, one of its leading applications, is an international banking system for the IBM iSeries that provides comprehensive coverage for wholesale, retail and private banking operations installed in over 750 sites and 90 countries. 

Primarily serving the back office, Midas processes a broad range of financial transactions handling all related accounting, settlement, risk management and MIS reporting. 

Midas is supported through 25 international branches. 

Momentum's report writer is marketed with Midas as Midas/Q.

Widely installed in the Midas client base, data subsets delivered as standard with Midas/Q cover virtually all Midas modules. 

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