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inTuator makes multi-dimensional information analysis an affordable reality. 

inTuator is the fresh,  long overdue, cost-effective approach to comprehensive information delivery and analysis.

NEWS A recent Microsoft security update may cause you to encounter an error when opening an inTuate. See the FAQs for more information.

NEWS Office 2007 & Office 2010 - inTuator requires OWC 12 for full functionality with Office 2007 and Office 2010. Check the suggested downloads.

NEWS V6R1 inTuator requires iServer 8.3 to run on OS V6R1. Contact your supplier for more information.

NEWS IBM Systems Magazine Issue #59 article Business Information Reporting Capitalize on the rich source of data available on your System i.

NEWS introducing inTuator R2.0, available now! Learn about the latest enhancements to Workspaces, Navigation, Export, Printing and more ..

NEWS inTuator and Windows Internet Explorer 7

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inTuator advantages: 


  • Leverages existing technology 
  • Easily deployed and scaleable 
  • Overcomes database complexity 
  • Dynamic, interactive multi-dimensional analysis 
  • Build what you need - no data warehouses
  • Portable Mode, ideal for 'on the road' or disconnected users
  • Keeps your costs lean and mean 
  • Simple to install, implement, learn, use and change!



Momentum Utilities, a premier supplier of data retrieval, analysis and presentation products for the IBM iSeries announces its latest product, inTuator

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