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To whet your appetite for inTuator we would like to share some short 10-15 minute audio visual demonstrations, using a manufacturing scenario. 

Analysis in action: concentrates on presentation features of inTuator --- pointing out the main features available and showing how to slice and dice, drill up and down, pivot, add new data elements, and link to other views.

Product Overview for the Business Executive: covers the broad concepts and strengths of inTuator including demonstration of multidimensional tables and charts. 

Technical Overview: outlines some of the technical aspects of inTuator and briefly demonstrates how an inStore and inTuate are created and how the content, look and feel of an inTuate layout can be massaged and customized to suit individual requirements. 

To run the presentations you will need to download a small codec file this can be done by clicking here (this is a once only process).


Analysis in action (running time 7 mins)

Stream from the web

Download to your PC (4.7MB)

Executive Overview (running time 9 mins)

Stream from the web

Download to your PC (6.4MB)

Technical Overview (running time 17 mins)

Stream from the web

Download to your PC (10MB)

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