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Forms Design

Implementation of any solution that involves a variety of hardware, operating systems and networks can often encounter annoying technical hiccups, usually nothing to do with the software being installed. Having Momentum's expertise on hand will ensure small technical issues are overcome quickly.

Introducing e-form technology often provides the opportunity to break away from the constraints of the pre-printed stationery approach --- to do things slightly or very differently, to add bar codes, to include new fields or different sequencing, duplexing, color etc. Having expert advice on hand and/or involved suggesting the best approach is both reassuring and saves time.

We will typically require: 

  • Brief outline of your objectives and requirements 
  • Examples of existing output and/or pre-printed stationery annotated to show where you want changes or a draft sketch of the new form 
  • Sample spool file 
  • Files for logos or other images, specifications for OMR markings etc. 

Our approach: requirement evaluation --- implementation hand holding; form design; new report outputs to dovetail with form design; training --- recommend and quote. 

How can your organization benefit? Contact us with your requirements, we can then recommend the best approach for your organization.



Forms Design

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