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JacanaForms, a high-function, electronic forms solution utilizing e-form technology, can revolutionize your Infor XA (and other iSeries) documents’ presentation and delivery strategies, by providing advanced laser printing technology to overcome the inefficient output and cost issues associated with pre-printed stationery and slow impact printers.   

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JacanaForms is comprised of the following integrated components:


  • Offers a comprehensive range of features including bar code and check printing
  • Supports color
  • Leverages IWP for new outputs
  • Uses printer features
  • Supports specialised print drivers for optimum performance
  • Provides unattended print management
  • Employs both advanced ‘transformation’ and ‘overlay’ concepts
  • Is supported world-wide
  • Includes Infor sample forms

      Why JacanaForms?
      What's on the CD?



  Why JacanaForms?
  What's on the CD?
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Interface to Fax
Check Printing
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