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inTuator in Brief 

The right information, at the right time, in the right hands is critical to the management of your business' performance. As business activities gather more and more data, its manipulation and analysis into business information becomes increasingly complex. 

You therefore need the right tools, at the right price, to quickly and easily access, extract, analyze and clearly present your data as information to evaluate key business questions and make informed decisions. 

inTuator is the fresh and amazingly simple approach for Infor users to deploy information analysis without incurring programming or significant implementation costs and hassles.

inTuator works immediately on installation. Slice and dice your information at the higher, strategic level, look down for more details or even link directly to associated information from other business areas. 

NEW For extended options to simplify the distribution and use of information, learn about inTuator's Portable Mode

Click here for the inTuator Portable Mode Press announcement

inTuator is XA-ready!

inTuator comes with a comprehensive package of training and support services second to none at a price point that is unbeatable!

inTuator is available from Momentum and its delivery and innovative packaging have warranted its own dedicated web site. 

To find out: 

  • Why we say it's affordable with no hidden costs
  • About the comprehensive range of support services
  • What simple and unique concepts are employed
  • Some of the many features
  • What Infor-ready means
  • How good the On line training is for yourself! 

And why not: - 

  • View our on-line demonstrations
  • Or Download it and try it! 

Go to our dedicated web site 

The inTuator Sensation

  • Dynamic, interactive multi-dimensional information at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • Intuitive and powerful managed information analysis … fast learning curve 
  • No overheads of a data warehouse, redundant data replication, or lengthy refreshing of separate databases
  • No unexpected implementation costs or programming worries
  • Leverages Momentum's and other widely available technologies…. MS Office integration
  • Functionality you need … No fancy overheads


This site is designed to provide information on Momentum's products for Infor XA users.

For further information or an on-line demonstration of inTuator please contact

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