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About this site

Momentum markets all of its products to Infor XA customers. Some of our products are marketed by Infor and others are not. All products, however, provide value-add integration to all Infor releases post Release 3. 

Info WorkPlace-Jacana-Valet (sometimes referred to as IWP or IWP Package) for reporting is marketed and supported through Infor

JacanaForms for e-forms, effective May 1st 2003, is only available from Momentum or Momentum Partners. [Existing users of JacanaForms pre-May 1st 2003 may order additional licenses through Infor and will continue to be supported by Infor] 

inTuator for information analysis is only available from Momentum or Momentum Partners.

Over 450 Infor customers world-wide have already implemented Momentum solutions to address their output requirements and benefit from productivity, operational efficiency and cost savings delivered by our applications.

Typically, this means tackling traditional reporting backlogs and downloads to PC applications requirements and applying e-form technology to replace pre-printed stationery. Importantly, this also means, in today’s enterprise, providing practical solutions to specific issues relating to current or planned use of HTML and XML; output delivery via internet or intranet; and interfaces to fax, email and archive systems.

The competitively driven need for information continues to accelerate, with more and more users wanting to view and analyze operational data and enterprises, wanting to exchange data with their suppliers and customers over the internet. In the broadest terms, implementing our applications will provide flexibility to respond to a variety of user and e-business driven output requirements.

Deploying e-form technology can also revolutionize your thinking about what is sent to a customer, or used internally for management reporting, bringing more sophistication to output presentation and delivery strategies.

Our approach to delivering information to the desktop is both innovative and affordable and leverages our own and widely available Microsoft technologies.



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