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We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best information, products and value possible. With this in mind we welcome feedback from our customers about what we are doing right and what we can do to improve.

We have designed this simple online survey to help you let us know what you think about our products and services. We take everyone's input seriously and look forward to hearing from you. 

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, all questions are optional.

Please indicate which products you use or have used:
Report Writing:

 Info WorkPlace

Forms:  JacanaForms
How long have you been using Momentum products?
How many reports and forms has your company created using our products?
Reports: Forms:

Rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of our products:
Please use this scale: 
1=very satisfied 2=satisfied 3=neutral 4=dissatisfied 5=unknown

Ease of installation: Learning curve:
Ease of use: Performance:
Reliability: Productivity:
User interface: Functionality:

Rate the change in the following from using our products:
Please use this scale: 
1=greatly improved 2=improved 3=same 4=decreased 5=unknown


Operational efficiency:

Cost saving:

Competitive edge:

Management information:




Rate your satisfaction with product updates and new releases:
Please use this scale: 
1=very satisfied 2=satisfied 3=neutral 4=dissatisfied 5=unknown

Frequency of new releases:

Content of improvements:

Responsiveness to enhancement requests:

Use of current iSeries technologies:

Features and functions:


Overall, how important are Momentum products to your company and how satisfied are you with their use?

Importance:    Satisfaction:


How valuable is the support service you receive?

Our support services are often delivered by local distributors. Any comments you may have regarding the service you receive from these channels is very valuable to us, please name the distributor:



If you have used consulting and/or training services to implement our products, please rate the importance of the provided services:
Please use this scale: 
1=very important 2=important 3=somewhat important 4=not important 5=unknown

Momentum supplied consulting services:
Momentum supplied education & training:
Distributor supplied consulting services:
Distributor supplied education & training:
Use of independent vendors/consultants:



From your experience, how do Momentum and its distributors compare to suppliers of similar products?
Please use this scale: 
1=much better 2=better 3=same 4=worse 5=unknown

Product: Innovative technology:
Customer service: Consulting services:
Pricing: Education & training:
Support: Advertising and Communication:

What issues are important to your future planning?


How could we improve or serve you better?

Are any of the following products and services likely to be of interest to you in the future?
Please use this scale: 
1=very interested 2=interested 3=somewhat interested 4=not interested 5=unknown

Additional packaged subsets and reports:
Web training:
Closer integration with MS Office products:
Web based product demos of functionality:


Would you recommend our products and services to others?

Any further comments?



Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire. We value all feedback. 

Providing the following information is optional

First name:
Last name:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
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